Aine of Knockaine (Emmaruth): Celtic Goddess of Love and Fertility, Summer, and Sovereignty

Aine is often remembered as a Celtic goddess of love. But she was also a deity of wealth, sovereignty, and the summer. Her sensitive and joyful personality brought her many followers in the Celtic world. The heart of her cult was located in Limerick, Ireland, though her fame spread like the sun’s rays over many other regions.

Associations between Aine with Venus, Aphrodite, and any other love deity are vague. She was a very complex goddess. One may assume that the goddess of love would have had bright and happy myths surround her, however the legends about Aine are rather depressing. Stories often told of the goddess being raped and murdered, as well as facing many other difficult situations.

Yet these sad stories actually brought her closer to the women who lived in the tough Celtic world. It is important to remember that when the Celtic army worked for others or fought for their land, women also had to protect their homes, towns, and settlements. Therefore, death, cruelty, and sexual abuse were unfortunately quite common for the ancient women. Despite the sad tales, Aine brought women hope and reminded them about the joys of summer and more pleasant times. This may be why she was worshipped over some other deities.

A Sunny Goddess

Celtic legends say that Aine was the daughter of Eogabail, who was a member of the legendary Tuatha Dé Danann. In folklore, she was also recognized as the wife of the sea god Manannan Mac Lir – a deity who was very important for Celtic warriors. In ancient Irish myths and legends, Aine is described as a Faery Queen, a goddess of the earth and nature, and a lady of the lake. It was believed she brought luck and good magic to her worshippers. Some identify her as a brighter side of the famous goddess Morrigan.

The Tuatha Dé Danann as depicted in John Duncan’s “Riders of the Sidhe.” (1911) 

Aine is also known as the goddess who taught humans the meaning of love. She had many human men as lovers and bore many Faerie-Human children. There are countless stories about her escapades with human lovers. Most of the stories about Aine and her lovers were happy and peaceful tales, but some were also sad or disturbing.

The Legend of Aine’s Encounter with Ailill Aulom

One of the unpleasant legends speaks of a man who didn’t want to learn the meaning of love, but was only driven by his sexual desires. This lout was the King of Munster called Ailill Aulom. According to the traditional story, he raped Aine, so she bit off his ear – which made people call him ‘One-eared Aulom.’ In Old Irish law, kings needed to have a perfect appearance and a complete body. Thus, Aulom lost his authority. This story shows that Aine was also a powerful goddess of sovereignty. As a deity, she granted power to good people, but also took it away from the bad ones.

King Ailill and Aine by John Duncan.

I am the Goddess Aine. I am the Fairy Queen of the South Munster fairies and dwell in Knock Aine in Ireland. I am Goddess of love and fertility and patron of crops and cattle.

The Sun and Moon are my planets, Meadowsweet is my herb. Southwest is my direction and air is my element. Midsummer Eve is my main feast day when I am traditionally worshiped with torchlight processions through the fields at night. The first Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Lughnassad are my sacred days.

 I have the ability to appear to mortal men as a woman of great beauty~ The Fairy Lover~ I can spell bound any man into a fatal attraction and as a result death would be the certain outcome to the chosen ones.

Invoke me for love spells, fertility, fairy magic, abundance, and prosperity, punishing sex crimes, keeping magical vows, revealing fairies, bearing magical children and leaving unsuitable mates.

Since I am the protector of  women invoke me and my fairies to be called upon to protect and give strength and courage to women, and to guard and watch over cattle. In a ritual you may ask my fairies to guard you if you are approaching a difficult or dangerous situation.

*My themes are protection, healing, divination, luck, Earth and Moon. I love silver and white items.

I am closely related to onions and you may invoke me to restore healthy energy by gathering the problem and taking it away. Burn or bury the onion slice after you have rubbed it on sores, bug bites or scratches.

To invoke me, improve well-being and improve your lunar attributes is by making and eating onion soup. Use red, Spanish, white and cooking onions along with chives. By heating and blending them, you mix the magic to perfection. Stir clockwise, whispering Aine’s name into the soup so she abides in each vitality- laden sip.*

*taken from the “365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco


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Aine’s Incense

½ oz. meadowsweet flowers and leaf~ must be gathered when the plant is in full bloom.

½ oz. finally chopped pine needles

      ½ oz. Lemon Verbena oil.

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